The REFERENCES section includes two main subsections (click on the following links to access the GENERAL REFERENCES and the SPECIFIC REFERENCES sections):

  • GENERAL REFERENCES: this section includes general works devoted to the study of Italian in a contrastive perspective with other languages; emphasis is put on studies devoted to syntax, in particular to constituent order; this section is further divided into three parts:
  1. Volumes on Italian in a contrastive perspective
  2. Studies on the typological features of Italian (syntax)
  3. Studies on the syntax or morphosyntax of Italian in a contrastive or comparative perspective
  • SPECIFIC REFERENCES (output SNSF projects): this section includes studies written under two Swiss National Science Foundation grants (ICOCP and ISAaC); these studies are devoted to investigating syntactic and adverbial structures used in Italian and in four other languages (French, Spanish, English and German), as well as in texts written in Italian from Italy and Italian from Switzerland or Canada. This section is further divided into three parts:
  1. Volume
  2. Studies describing the data collection used to build the CONTRAST-IT and COMPARE-IT corpora
  3. Research based on the CONTRAST-IT corpora; here you find two types of studies: A) studies on marked syntactic structures (dislocations, cleft constructions, fronting) and B) studies on adverbials